She Will Say Yes to This Kirk Kara Treasure!

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Buying just the right engagement ring is always a momentous decision, but if you are searching for something that will speak directly to your intended’s heart and stand apart from any other possibility, the Kirk Kara Charlotte sapphire and diamond engagement ring is a stellar choice.

It is a product of the Kirk Kara house of design, a family-owned business that has been crafting breathtaking jewelry since 1890. Kirk Kara began learning the craft of jewelry making in 1965, when he was still a teenager in high school, and the technology and automation that we enjoy today weren’t yet dreamed of. He learned the craft from beginning to end, from hand-drawn designs, to the selection of just the right stones, to carving and setting them and engraving, all done by hand. Kirk Kara’s Angelique ring, intended for wearing on the right hand, was inspired by his mother, whose name, of course, was Angelique. From his earliest experiences in design, he has said, he had always envisioned the Angelique line in her honor.

Kirk Kara is also well known for his use of gem stones of varying colors, in addition to just diamonds. His feeling has always been that nature’s own color choices could reflect a woman’s personality, and their selection made the choice of a particular piece that much more meaningful. The Charlotte collection, and in particular, the Charlotte sapphire and diamond engagement ring is no exception.

It lacks nothing in appeal, with 1/3 cwt of diamonds, offset by 2 brilliant sapphires and enhanced by milgrain edging and hand-carved scroll work. You may also select the optional one carat round diamond.

Tissot T-Race MotoGP Watch

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The Tissot T-Race MotoGP watch is made of a beautiful rose gold and and a deep black for a stunning design. It is a bold watch with a large face, and yet there is something delicate about it, too. The numbers are small and elegant, and everything is put together well, so that it can be clearly read, and a lot of different numbers shown. This watch is classic, yet modern, and the rose gold color of the detailing really helps it to stand out. The band is all black, and it keeps this watch looking simple enough to be worn with any outfit.

Tissot was founded by a father and son team in 1853. It is a Swiss company that made the first mass produced pocket watch, and it became well known as a watch maker because of that. The quality was there, and that was something that people cared about. The company is still around to this day because it uses the best materials and is careful about how its watches turn out. The watches from this brand feature a variety of materials and looks, from rose gold and silver, to leather bands and a bright red color on the watch. All of the watches are made well, and each one of them is beautiful enough to be a bold statement piece on one's arm.


Monica Rich Kosann Gyroscope Post Earrings

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The Gyroscope Post Earrings from Monica Rich Kossann are beautiful and classy, the perfect addition to anyone's jewelry collection. These earrings are made of yellow, rose, and white gold. They have a large ring of 18K yellow gold that interlocks with a ring of white gold and one of rose gold. The combination of the different gold colors makes for a unique and timeless look. These earrings are part of the "Commitment" Saturn Planet Collection and are inspired by the rings of Saturn. They also have black diamond accents with a total diamond carat weight of 0.185. Diamonds are carefully chosen and are FG/SI 1 quality.

Monica Rich Kosann has created a brand of jewelry that is known for it's beautiful craftsmanship. The collections includes everything from bracelets to statement necklaces. All pieces are part of a fun collection and they have their own story to tell. These pieces can be worn with everyday clothing or can be dressed up for a special occasion.

These earrings have a total length of 2" with a total width of 1.12". They are designed in a style that can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. When worn with hair off the shoulders, these earrings would easily be a standout piece that would be admired by everyone in the room. They coordinate with other pieces in the "Planets Collection" that includes bracelets and necklaces. Monica Rich Kosann has also created a "Commitment" Saturn necklace that matches the earrings perfectly.

The Perfect Herend Butterfly

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The Herend Butterfly is the kind of piece that captures the attention of all who see it. It is something with a simple appearance and yet something that is perfect in design. This elegant decor item adds character to a room and it is something that is a great gift for anyone who loves butterflies. A small decor piece, this can be put in any office or living space. This butterfly has an appearance that is sophisticated and beautiful. The Herend Butterfly is colored in white, black, and butterscotch.

The Herend brand has been around since 1826, and the pieces that have come out through the brand in the years that they have been around are all special and unique. Herend has created dinnerware that was used by Queen Victoria, and their pieces have been admired by Princess Dianna. They have worked hard to consistently put out new pieces and to create the kinds of pieces that delight all of their customers. The brand is dedicated to quality, and every piece that they put out is crafted in a way that helps it to shine.


The Lagos Beloved Infinity Necklace

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From the Lagos Beloved Collection, this beautiful infinity symbol in precious metals and Pavé diamonds hangs on an adjustable Signature Caviar™ beaded chain necklace with a lobster clasp.

In keeping with Steven Logos's philosophy that jewelry must be as unique as the woman who wears it, only the highest quality in natural diamonds is used in Lagos designs. The ones in this piece are Round Brilliant cut with G-H color and SI clarity, each one 0.1 Carat. They are set in Sterling Silver and 18K Gold. Two smaller infinity symbols are set in the chain, at each side accenting the sparkling pendant. The lobster clasp closure has two settings for a 16 inch or 18 inch length, each accent piece is 1/4 inch x 1/2 inch and the beautiful pendant itself is 3/8 inch x 1 inch.

Timelessly elegant, yet conveying the Lagos vision of bold femininity, this Beloved Infinity Necklace of beaded sterling silver with its diamond-studded infinity symbol symbolizes just that - everlasting love. Share it together.

Lagos was founded in 1977 when master jeweller, Steven Lagos, took the decision to dedicate himself to designing jewelry under his own brand. Each piece is created to communicate sophistication and is inspired by the founder's own extensive travel all over the world. Forty years later, Steven Lagos continues to sketch the design for each piece in his collections - all loved for their iconic caviar beading and highest quality, natural brilliant cut diamonds.

Beautiful Hamilton Ladies Watch

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As soon as an individual lays eyes on this Hamilton Watch Ladies American Classic Vintage Quartz, they see that it is something special and they want to study every part of it. This piece is something with a detailed finish and something that draws attention. This watch has a design that speaks to the past, giving it an appearance that is unique. This piece is made from a mix of materials, including stainless steel, sapphire crystal, quartz, and yellow gold PVD. This watch features a face that is beautiful and easy to read. It is finished with a chain bracelet design, holding it to the wrist in a way that adds to the look of the one wearing it. This is something that has a delicate appearance and yet it is something that can make a big statement as it is worn.
Hamilton was founded in 1892, and the work that has been done by the brand in the many years since their founding is amazing. The brand was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and they have moved on to impact the world with all that they create. The watches that were created by Hamilton in the early days were used by the railroad community because of their accuracy. The brand has made many changes to their watches through the years, and each change only serves to make them better.


The Special John Hardy Jawan Cufflinks

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Cufflinks can add to a suit and bring about a sophisticated look, and these John Hardy Jawan Cufflinks are a great option for anyone who is seeking out a special pair of cufflinks. These cufflinks are made of sterling silver and 18K yellow gold, material that is top quality and that will help them to stay in good shape for a long time. These cufflinks feature a design that is simple and yet special, with a front that is dotted in gold. These cufflinks feature a back with a special design to it, something that helps them to appear beautiful from any angle. Those who are seeking out a pair of cufflinks that will help them to stand out will appreciate all that this pair has to offer.

John Hardy has been around since 1975, and the company was founded in Bali. The company is known for their handcrafted pieces and the way that they put their heart into all that they create. The company is committed to community. John Hardy works with local artisans as they create new pieces. Each piece put out by the company is inspired and contains great meaning.

Phillips House Mini Infinity Chain Link Ring

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The Phillips House Mini Infinity Chain Link Ring is a lovely addition to anyone's jewelry collection. It will be especially appreciated by those who love unique rings. This ring is made of rose gold and is designed in a mini infinity chain style. The ring is accented by beautiful black diamonds that are arranged in a circle and are a total carat weight of 0.37. The ring is available in size 4 through size 9, with half sizes in between. This ring is beautiful enough to be worn as a statement piece for a special occasion, but could also be worn as an everyday piece of jewelry for those who like to accessorize all outfits.

Phillips House is a brand that is known for creating unique collections of jewelry that showcase quality stones in beautiful settings. They offer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings in various coordinating collections. These jewelry pieces make excellent gifts for the woman who likes to have jewelry that works well with any type of outfit. The different collections include everything from classic pieces that can be worn everyday to extravagant jewelry that looks great with that special occasion outfit.

The Mini Infinity Chain Link Ring from Phillips House is part of the Vibrant Affair collection. It coordinates with the other black diamond pieces in the collection which includes several different styles of pendant necklaces, bracelets, and earrings all featuring the same rose gold with black diamond accents. The Mini Infinity Chain Link Ring has a timeless look that will never go out of style.


Tudor North Flag Watch

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This North Flag watch from Tudor has a handsome silver band and a bold design. The face has only two numbers, and lines to mark out the rest of the time. The colors are white and yellow on a dark background, and they make the watch look modern. This is a timeless piece, though, with silver being the main color and going all around the watch. It is sporty and elegant, and it is a piece any man will be proud to wear. It is made of quality steel-ceramic, and it is a watch that a man can keep for years.

Tudor was founded when H. Wilsdorf decided that it was time for him to create watches that were affordable and yet made with high quality materials to last a lifetime. He wanted to create beautiful watches that would stand the test of time, yet that every man would feel comfortable buying. So, he founded this company and started creating these handsome pieces. All of the watches put out by Tudor are very classic and sturdy. Most of them are made of silver, but there are other colors thrown in on some of them, as well. There are watches with blue and gold faces, and there are some pieces that are a bit more unique than others, even while staying classy and being good quality.

The Perfect Hearts on Fire Simply Bridal Beaded Engagement Ring

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This Hearts on Fire Simply Bridal Beaded Engagement Ring is something that can show the love that one person has for another because of its beauty and perfection. This engagement ring is something that every bridal party will admire as it catches the attention of all who see it. This ring can be made of 18K white gold or of platinum, and the solitaire diamond that is the star of the ring is one that is truly perfect. The diamond will sparkle and shine as the ring is worn, and it will help the bride-to-be to feel special and loved.

Hearts on Fire has been working with diamonds since 1978, starting out as a wholesale diamond business and then becoming more than that. They discovered a diamond that was different from any that they had seen before in 1996, and they began to work with that type of diamond and used it as their own special piece. The diamonds that are used by Hearts on Fire are the best out there, the highest quality diamonds available, and the work that is completed in cutting the diamonds is handled by the best hands, those who know just what they are doing. The company that is Hearts on Fire is a company that puts out only the most beautiful jewelry, those pieces that will be admired by all.


Roberto Coin Golden Gate Drop Pendant with Diamonds

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Style can be expressed in a variety of different ways, one of the most obvious being fashion and accessories. Through clothing and accessory choice, you can let the world know about who you are, whether casual, elegant, boho or sophisticated. Sometimes all it takes is one piece of jewelry to make a statement without saying a word.

The Roberto Coin Golden Gate Drop Pendant with Diamonds is such a piece. Beautifully crafted in 18 karat yellow or white gold, this elegant pendant is molded in a teardrop shape with dual textures and a .04 karat weight diamond accent at the bottom. The inner curve of the teardrop is crafted with an intricate architectural-type design, reminiscent of the famous San Francisco bridge. The pendant hangs on a delicate 18" chain.

Born in Vicenza, Italy, Roberto Coin founded his jewelry brand in 1996 after leaving his career as a hotel manager. Through collaboration with renowned Italian jewelry artisans, his creations were brought to life as true works of art. He is recognized today as one of the top trends in jewelry the world over and his designs can be found in over 60 countries worldwide. This, along with a firm commitment to use only conflict-free materials, has placed the Roberto Coin brand high in the areas of quality and craftsmanship.

If you are looking for an elegant piece of jewelry to complement your style, the Roberto Coin Golden Gate Drop Pendant with Diamonds can be your go-to accessory. Its unique, yet timeless design is like no other and will enhance your own natural beauty each time it is worn.

Grainger McKoy Skimmer Bracelet

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Grainger McKoy is a name that is associated with style and elegance when it comes to fine jewelry. The skimmer bracelets are just another example of modern style and intrigues. These bracelets have intricated detail that allows them to combine in a beautiful piece that reflects the look of a skimmer gliding gracefully across the water's surface.

This unique piece is handcrafted to bring the wearer a lifetime of beauty and sophistication. These bracelets are made from the highest quality sterling silver by a master craftsman. This bracelet is painstakingly crafted so that every detail is perfection. The bracelet is available in two different sizes. There is the smaller 7/8" size which is recommended for women that are under 5' 4", and there is the 1.5" size for women that are over 5' 4" in height. Regardless of your height, these incredible works of art are sure to be a conversation starter and will accent just about any outfit you decide to wear beautifully. Whether you are treating yourself to a special addition to your jewelry collection, or you are looking for the perfect gift for that special someone, this lovely set of bracelets will be the perfect selection.

If you want a unique bracelet that sets itself apart from all of the others and is crafted of the finest materials by artisans that pay special attention to detail, then this skimmer bracelet is the right choice for you.


Marco Bicego 18K Mixed Stone And Gold Teardrop Bracelet

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The Marco Bicego 18K mixed stone and gold teardrop bracelet is an incredible handmade bracelet the brings color and interest to any wardrobe selection. This fun and playful bracelet is the perfect addition to your weekend look. It is even perfect for the office which makes is versatile and eye-catching. This bracelet features a variety of multi-colored gemstones that are expertly set in stunning 18k gold. This Marco Bicego piece is delicate, yet durable and has a solid clasp. The gold in the bracelet passes precisely through each gemstone to create a sturdy, yet delicate looking piece that you will love to wear for years to come.

Each gemstone is hand selected to be part of this lovely bracelet. When you wear this Marco Bicego classic you will reflect a fun and playful side of your personal style. This is the perfect accent for any relaxed occasion or even a vacation. This mixed stone bracelet is hand engraved by the Marco Bicego Italian artisans to create charm and elegance.

Since 1958 Marco Bicego has been creating quality jewelry that is both high-quality and sophisticated. Each piece is handcrafted using traditional styles that are incorporated into contemporary looking jewelry. The pieces in the Marco Bicego collections are each painstakingly hand-crafted to add lasting beauty and style to any personal collection. Whether this is a gift for that special someone or a special treat for yourself, you are sure to love this incredibly designed bracelet.

Omega DeVille Hour Vision Co-Axial Master Chronometer

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This Omega DeVille Hour Vision watch has an elegant and modern design that will stun all of those who see it. It is made of Sedna gold and has a beautiful rosy gold color to it because of the materials that are used to put it together. This is a Co-Axial Master Chronometer 41mm watch, and it has been put together carefully to tell time and to look great while doing that. Its face is fairly simple, with a dark backing and Sedna gold Roman numerals on it, and it has a great and elegant looking band, too. This watch has been perfected by the designer, and it is a quality piece that anyone would look great having on their wrist.

Louis Brandt founded Omega back in 1848, and beautiful watches have been crafted by the brand ever since then. The watches started out in Europe and are now known and loved worldwide. Some of the other watches that are sold by this brand include ones with red detailing, silver bands, and a classic look. Many of the watches have a unique look to them, and all of them are made with the kind of quality materials that would make anyone proud to own one of these watches. They are put together in a special way by the company that cares about the watches that they are making.


High-Quality Hearts on Fire Jewelry

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Founded in 1996, Hearts on Fire is one of the top luxury diamond jewelry brands in the world. With its exquisite designs, it has been able to change the jewelry industry. Every piece that Hearts on Fire introduces on the market is able to garner the attention of the public—the most recent one being Triplicity Triangle Lariat Necklace.

Elegant with an Edge

This particular piece has been regarded as a fashion-forward design. It is a delicate chain, one that displays HOF diamonds in a triangle design. It is ideal necklace for those women who like to wear elegant pieces that come accompanied with an edge.


The total carat weight of it is approximately 0.42. It is 18K. There are three metal options to choose from: yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. All three options can go hand in hand with any outfit you opt to wear, which is one of the main reasons why it is currently a bestseller.

Old Hollywood Feel

One of the things that come to mind when looking at this necklace is Old Hollywood. This is the type of jewelry piece that could often be seen in actresses of that time period. It is definitely a showstopper, but one that would not overshadow you. It is simply perfect. Once again, Hearts on Fire proves why it is the favorite among consumers.

Tissot PRC 200 NBA Watch

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The ideal watch for basketball lovers, this classic Tissot watch combines craftsmanship with an NBA theme as part of its T-Sport collection.

Tissot PRC 200 NBA is a chronograph watch providing tachymeter, date, hour, minute and second functions. it is a quality Swiss-made sport watch with a silver-tone luminous dial displaying Arabic and Index Numerals. There are three sub-dials – 60 second, 30 minute and 1/10th second, three hands and a date window. Tachymeter markings are around the rim. The watch is water-resistant to 660 feet. The stainless steel case and bracelet, along with the reliability of G10.211 movement, provides you with a great looking watch that you can rely upon for years.

NBA recognition is immediate in the red and blue accents on the second hand, on the crown and on two of the sub-dials and a basketball design on the third. The NBA logo appears on the back of the case.

The Official Timekeeper for a range of major sports, Tissot today is a subsidiary of The Swatch Group and its products are sold around the world. It was originally founded in 1853 in Le Locle, Switzerland, by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile Tissot. It was not just the communications and reach aspects of timekeeping for major sports that attracted the company. Sponsorship does that. Timekeeping is synonymous with continual dedication in searching out state of the art technologies to deliver accurate timekeeping – as is watchmaking itself.


Lagos Maya Stacking Bangle

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The Maya Stacking Bangle from Lagos is a beautiful addition to anyone's jewelry collection. This bracelet is available in different sizes to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. The bangles come in small, medium, and large with sizes based on wrist size. The bangle also comes in many different colors, including beautiful shades of blue, turquoise, and earth tones. These bracelets work well together in a set and would make a wonderful gift for those who like colorful jewelry that makes a statement.

Lagos is a brand that is known for creating jewelry made from some of the world's most beautiful natural stones. The brand offers many different collections, each with its own unique style. These collections contain pieces that coordinate together, but each piece is dramatic enough to stand alone as a statement piece. Lagos creates bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. All their jewelry works well as a gift for anyone who appreciates jewelry made from natural stones.

This stacking bangle from Lagos is part of the Maya collection. This collection contains pieces that are bold but effortless. They easily go from day to night and work with casual clothes or formal attire. These bangles are made from natural stones, faceted crystals, and sterling silver caviar beading. The Maya Stacking Bangle comes in many different materials including: lapis, abalone, variscite, howlite, turquoise and chrysocolla. They can easily be stacked together, as few or as many as you like, to create a custom look that would work for everyday or for a special occasion.

Charles Krypell Eve Amethyst Ring

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This beautiful Eve Amethyst Ring from the Charles Krypell brand would make a lovely addition to any jewelry collection. The ring is part of the sterling silver line and it also coordinates well with other sterling silver pieces from the brand which includes an Eve Amethyst Necklace and Eve Amethyst Earrings. These would make a lovely gift for anyone who appreciates the amethyst stone and those with amethyst as their birth stone. This particular ring has a dramatic look that is ideal to wear with special occasion clothing. It could also be worn everyday for those who like a little glamour in their daily wardrobe and accessories.

The Charles Krypell brand, founded in 1976, is known for creating beautiful jewelry pieces from some of the most amazing stones that can be found. They have everything from necklaces and rings to earrings and bracelets. Many of the pieces easily coordinate together to create a custom look based on personal style. These jewelry pieces make excellent gifts for those who appreciate something a little different.

The Charles Krypell Eve Amethyst Ring has a beautiful amethyst chosen from the best in the world to provide a look of elegance when worn. The stone is cut in the emerald style and is checkerboard faceted for the ultimate in sparkle. It is encased in a beautiful sterling silver setting with accents on the side for extra glamour. The ring also has 0.35 carats of white diamonds around the edge of the amethyst.


Konstantino Men's Sparta Cross

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When it comes to men's jewelry, there is no designer other than Konstantino who can embody both the figure and essence of masculinity at the same time. With the Sparta collection, Konstantino has created pieces that are bold in style yet subtle in taste.

The Sparta Cross, a unique pendant piece, is designed for the modern man and the classic man. Made with sterling silver, the cross features a fluid design in the center, bordered with a link of sterling silver balls. This is attached with the two arms that flag each side to complete the cross shape, each one patterned with a mirrored wave design to contrast the central figure. The highlight of this Sparta pendant is the central dew drop 18K gold piece that is attached to the upper loop of the cross. The pendant is available in one size and will go well with the Sparta chain or any other designer chain from Konstantino's other collections. Wear it long or wear it short. Regardless of how it's worn, the entire look channels a masculine elegance that is reminiscent of the ancient Greek gods.

The same is true for the rest of Konstantino's jewelry pieces, as his work is deeply inspired by the place of his birth, Greece. Taking his vision from his beloved Greek history and culture, Konstantino has created and continues to create jewelry that are thoughtful, creative, and exciting.

Monica Rich Kossan Petite Pinstripe Locket

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The Monica Rich Kosann Petite Pinstripe Locket in silver makes a beautiful addition to the jewelry collection of anyone who appreciates standout pieces of jewelry. The locket is available in two different chain lengths, 18" or 30", so that those wearing the necklace can have the desired look. This locket can work well as an everyday piece but is also special enough to be worn for special occasions. This particular locket can be personalized with text or photos that are meaningful and special, creating a truly personalized piece that can't be found elsewhere.

Monica Rich Kosann is a brand that is known for their beautiful lockets and other jewelry. The lockets are created to offer a way to preserve memories of the wearers most beloved life experiences. These lockets can hold photos or other small keepsakes so that you can always keep your most happy memories close by. Pieces from this brand easily coordinate with one another and they can be worn with any type of outfit.

The Monica Rich Kosann Petite Pinstripe Locket has a diamond cut chain and a silver setting. It has a simple look that can be dressed up or down. The sterling silver provides an elegant but understated beauty that makes a wonderful gift for anyone who collects silver jewelry, especially those who appreciated one of a kind pieces. This locket can also be worn with other pieces from the MRK collection like the locket charm bracelet.


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