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Herend Bookworm Figurine

The Herend brand has been around in some capacity since the early 1800's. The brand has changed over the years to add whimsical items like the animals they are so well known for. They also design dinnerware and other functional decor items for the home.

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The Perfect Herend Butterfly

The Herend Butterfly is the kind of piece that captures the attention of all who see it. It is something with a simple appearance and yet something that is perfect in design. This elegant decor item adds character to a room and it is something that is a great gift for anyone who loves butterflies.

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Herend Watering Can Bunny Figurine

This uniquely beautiful bunny in a watering can by Herend is made of fine porcelain and crafted by hand in Hungary. Artistically hand painted in bright colors and creatively adorned with 24 carat gold, this inquisitive bunny is beautifully detailed and a true masterpiece. Each piece is crafted by Herend’s artists creating a truly one of a kind figurine.

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