Herend Bookworm Figurine

The adorable bookworm figurine from Herend would make the perfect addition to the bookshelf of any book collector. This figurine of a worm is wearing glasses and it sits on top of a book. The worm itself comes in many different colors and each has the traditional pattern that Herend is known for. The available colors include lime green, black, blue, butterscotch, chocolate, green, raspberry, rust, and sapphire. The figurine is made of porcelain for a smooth finish. 
The Herend brand has been around in some capacity since the early 1800's. The brand has changed over the years to add whimsical items like the animals they are so well known for. They also design dinnerware and other functional decor items for the home. The Herend fishnet pattern was first used in 1874 when one of the artists became fascinated with the pattern of the scales on a fish. Since then, the fishnet design has became extremely popular in the United States and is used on many different pieces in the Herend collection. 
This bookworm figurine adds an element of whimsy to any shelf and would also look great on the mantel. It would make an excellent gift for a librarian, teacher, or anyone who enjoys reading. It's stylish and makes a wonderful conversation piece. The figurine is 1.5" long by 2.25" tall. Each of the available colors is vibrant in the hand painted fishnet design. Careful attention to detail makes each Herend bookworm figurine special. 


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