Herend Piglet Figurine

Artwork provides a welcoming environment to your family and friends. A picture is worth a thousand words. It can be used to describe life, nature and teach lessons. Therefore, it is important to decorate the house with beautiful images. One of the products that one can use to decorate the house is Herend Figurine Piglet in Raspberry. The art was brought to life by experienced hands of artisans’ paintings and crafting.
Herend Figurine Piglet is all hand crafted and painted designs done by master Hungarian artisans. It made of superior quality white porcelain. The design is improved by accents of 24 Karat gold. It has dimensions of 1 inches high by 1 ½ inches wide. It is highly made design that can make a perfect addition to your house collection.
The Herend porcelain is a manufacturing company that specializes in luxury hand gilded and painted porcelain. The company was founded in 1826. The manufacturer uses products that are made from hard paste porcelain using a mixture of feldspar, quartz and kaolin. Herend has worn 24 gold and grand prizes in world exhibitions between year 1851 and 1937. One of the best Herend designs was Chinese style butterflies and flowery branches that are painted in beautiful colors.

Similar products designed by Herend include, Herend porcelain Baby shoe Raspberry Fishnet, Herend Piglet Blue Fishnet and Herend Figurine Mini Bunny Rabbit Lying Raspberry Fishnet. These entire products all made with high quality materials and so they can last for a long time. Invest in Herend designs and leave your home looking beautiful and appealing.


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