Marco Bicego Yellow Gold & Lapis Large Cocktail Ring

Many people like to wear rings that are big and bold. People want a ring that will really make a statement. The 18K Yellow Gold and Lapis Large Cocktail ring is one of these rings. This ring and is and bold yet it is beautiful. This ring is part of the Lunaria collection and will stand out. The ring was designed by Marco Bicego.

The Lapis Large Cocktail Ring is made out of 18K yellow gold. There is a rose cut that will allow the darkness and the beauty of the Lapis to really shine through. This design will highlight the stone in the center. The ring was designed with the Lunaria flower in mind. This flower was used for inspiration. The Lunaria multicolor gemstone is right in the middle and it is so large that it cannot be missed. This ring was hammered as well as engraved by hand. The ring was made by the finest Italian artisans that take provide in their craft and the jewelry that they produce.

This ring comes in a number of different sizes so a woman can find the size that will best fit her finger so she can show off her cocktail ring. There are other pieces in the Lunaria collection that will go well with this ring and really allow a woman to shine. 


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