Made for Sweater Weather: Our Top Pieces and Trends for Fall

Is there anything better than a soft scarf and a warm latte as the days get cooler?  Sure!  Pairing your favorite fall wardrobe with some fantastic jewelry! 

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What Gives Opal its Array of Colors?

The first thing you notice about an opal are the colors.  Not just some colors.  Absolutely every color imaginable.

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Why is it Called the Ring Finger?

Rings can be worn on just about any finger, of course, but there’s one that is designated as the “ring finger.”

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How is a Diamond Graded?

Every diamond is a unique creation of pressure, composition, and time. Each of these valuable stones has a variety of factors which affect price, including size, shape, color, and various internal characteristics. How then, can the global market standardize diamonds to make comparison and cataloguing equal?

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