A Signature worth the diamond

Preparing for an engagement day demands no less than picking the right diamond. It should be an A. Jaffe diamond. The heritage is remarkable. A. Jaffe’s 120 years in diamond jewellery reflect the company’s timeless diamond craftsmanship and design. The luxury diamond signature has gone through four time periods: Classics, Art Deco, Seasons of Love and Metropolitan. A. Jaffe is likewise renowned for diamonds that seem to exude more brilliance. The secret behind this is the company’s meticulous selection process that rejects most of the rough diamond and retains only the best stones. More importantly, A. Jaffe can personalize the diamond to match your band or ring without added cost. An A. Jaffe ring is also noticeably more comfortable to wear because of its unique engineering and fit. 
A. Jaffe is available at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.


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