A true Hollywood timepiece

If there’s one watch brand that is genuinely made for Hollywood, it is Hamilton Watch. This beautiful relationship is a very long one, beginning during the early 1950s, with the film entitled “The Frogmen,” a movie about naval drivers. Since then, after around 400 movies and television shows, Hamilton’s partnership with Hollywood had gone beyond mere sponsorship. Aside from producing customized timepieces for hundreds of films, the brand had also collaborated with costume, props and special effects coordinators to produce watches to address some unique requirements of movies, such as “Men in Black” and “I am Legend”. Around five years ago, this relationship gave birth to the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards, an annual event that honors those who work behind the scene who tirelessly work to produce quality films for moviegoers around the world. And just like these highly creative individuals, Hamilton timepieces will always be there to help you achieve success in your life’s endeavors.
Schwarzschild’s at Short Pump Town Center is an authorized dealer for Hamilton Watch.


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