Baroque South Sea Cultured Pearl Layered Necklace

A necklace of twenty-two 10mm Baroque South Sea Cultured Pearls with 12.25 carat total weight diamonds set in 18k white gold from Mikimoto makes the most beautiful gift for the woman who likes to cultivate a lifestyle of beauty and grace. The three strands of free-form cultured pearls convey individuality combined with awareness of the contemporary jewelry trends. A close fitting layer of diversely shaped pearls sets off two layers of pearls and tiny, sparkling diamonds on white gold chains.

The beautiful luster and irregularity of Mikimoto Baroque cultured pearls convey natural beauty in a unique fashion statement that is the antithesis of the traditional view of pearls. Every one of Mikimoto's pearl strands is a work of art, born of the technical skill and craftsmanship of the originators of the cultured pearl.

Kokichi Mikimoto was a nineteenth century businessman in Japan. He developed the first cultured pearls and created a new industry in doing so. His luxury pearl company has been fulfilling his dream of adorning the necks of all women around the world with pearls ever since 1893. Today, the company maintains the highest standards in the selection and grading of every one of the unique pearls that are incorporated into its jewelry.

Like the rest of the line, free-form Baroque South Sea cultured pearls are selected for the luminosity of their luster - the surface and inner light that a pearl reflects. The superiority of such luster is dependent on the quality of the nacre from which the pearl is composed and only the best pearls are good enough to bear the Mikimoto name.


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