Bridges to history

Every A. Jaffe creation epitomizes a deep legacy shaped by one of the four eras that embody the acclaimed jewelry maker’s century-long history. These four eras are Classics, Art Deco, Seasons of Love, and Metropolitan. For A. Jaffe, the early 1930s until late 1950s is Art Deco, a period that witnessed World War II and the conclusion of the Great Depression. This is also the time when the U.S. is in dire need of a brand new start, with New York as the focal point, and where the iconic Art Deco architecture-inspired structures had emerged. The A. Jaffe Art Deco collection mirrors this great American rebirth through its elegantly sculptured pieces, which embody Art Deco architecture’s unparalleled durability and endurance. The collection includes a wide selection to choose from — such as the Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring — with each piece meticulously created to help you out express your undying love and commitment to your loved one.
Find A. Jaffe Art Deco pieces at Schwarzschild’s at Carry Town.


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