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Mikimoto Honeycomb Necklace

Today, Mikimoto is the gold standard of the world's finest cultured pearls and are the most sought after cultured pearls in the world. Worn by royalty, celebrities and others who adore the breathtaking beauty of Mikimoto pearls, the business has thrived for over a century. A luxurious and beautiful statement, any necklace created by Mikimoto's successors in the business are coveted by chic women everywhere.

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Mikimoto Embrace White South Sea Cultured Pearl Bracelet

The Mikimoto Embrace White South Sea Cultured Pearl Bracelet is the perfect example of one of Mikimoto’s fine jewelry collection. This cultured pearl bracelet features 18 mm White South Sea Cultured Pearls, accented by 1.1ct diamonds, and 18K white gold. This classically designed piece would go perfectly with many of the other pieces in the Embrace collection.

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Mikimoto Classic Elegance

Mikimoto is the world's foremost maker of cultured pearls. Mikimoto has been creating pearl jewelry that is both refined and elegant works of art since 1893. Kokichi Mikimoto was the first to succeed in creating cultured pearls and has since been the top name in pearl jewelry. When you buy a Mikimoto piece you are making an investment in beauty and quality.

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