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The Story Behind the Iconic Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch

A watch with precision on Earth and in outer space – how many brands can say they’ve tested their timepieces outside our atmosphere? The answer – just one. Since its launch more than half a century ago, the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph has been known for its robust reliability, timeless design and oh yeah, it’s exploration in space.

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5 Watches from Omega Watches that Made History

Watchmaking as a craft has evolved dramatically over the centuries. From large simple pieces to exceptionally thin complex modern devices, the forms of watches have been many throughout the years. There are always advancements, but few watchmakers are able to claim multiple innovations as part of their history. One of those brands is OMEGA.

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Omega DeVille Hour Vision Co-Axial Master Chronometer

This Omega DeVille Hour Vision watch has an elegant and modern design that will stun all of those who see it. It is made of Sedna gold and has a beautiful rosy gold color to it because of the materials that are used to put it together.

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