Correct time everywhere you go

Breitling’s Transocean Unitime Watch showcases the Transocean collection’s known durability and utility plus a new array of exciting offerings. Designed for the frequent traveller, its Unitime (universal time) feature centers around two moving discs introduced to the dial — a 24-hour disc that functions together with another reference city ring disc — both work to tell the time in each of the 24 primary timezones (based on the local time). Built on the “01” movement, only the hour needs adjustment when changing time zones, which helps preserve the watch accuracy when setting the time. The date also changes automatically when adjusting the watch backwards or forward, which is inevitable when travelling in different timezones. Offered in both white and black dial variants, Unitime is available in 18k red gold or steel, which gives a vintage look but with sophisticated technology. If you want to travel the world in style and utility, the Breitling Unitime is the watch that you need. 
Schwarzschild’s at Short Pump Town Center is an authorized Breitling dealer.


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