David Yurman Men's Watch

David Yurman and his wife Sybil introduced their first model in 1983 after launching the Men's watch in 1980. The watch is a revolutionary and automatic timepiece which measures 43.5mm in width and made of stainless steel. it is a Swiss-made watch with an automatic chronograph that follows the ETA's design. It is currently known for its high-level performance in recording hours, minutes, and seconds.

The watch is covered by a metallic cover and bracelets that makes it more attractive than many other watches. the design was inspired by the quest for improving the luxury and innovations with the introduction of carbon and resin products. The success of David and Sybil's watch is derived from the consolidated formulation of the watch and ornament industry in Swiss from the earlier manufacturers like Peseux and Lemania.

David Yurman's watch is considered as one of the most advanced type of watch with a comfortable feeling. David himself is involved in the process of formulation process. The designer is known for his creative use of very fine metals and rare gemstone a conventional way.Therefore, the watch is highly recommended for both quality and beauty.


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