Dealing with mood swings, in style

A mood swing is a clear change in a person’s mood. Everyone undergoes mood swings because it’s a very natural thing to get affected by happy and sad events. Despite the absence of scientific evidence, many still continue to believe that the moon — through its different phases — also affects our mood swings, in the same manner as how they affect the tides. But whatever mood you are in, Metalsmiths Sterling always has a fashion statement that you’ll surely embrace in its Lunetta lockets which feature interchangeable moons to address your mood. Available in sterling silver, rose gold-dipped sterling silver, and gold-dipped sterling silver, you can always change the look of the locket to suit your day.
Sure, we can’t control everything, but with Metalsmiths Sterling's Lunetta lockets, you can always come first in style…whatever mood you are in. Find one at Schwarzschild’s at Carry Town, an authorized dealer.


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