Grainger McKoy Heart Earrings

The Heart Earrings from Grainger McKoy are a beautiful addition to the jewelry collection of anyone who appreciates a timeless style. These particular earrings are available in sterling silver, 14K gold, or 18K gold. The earrings are small enough to be worn with other pieces of jewelry to compliment a casual or formal outfit. The earrings are designed in the shape of a heart with a v-shaped design at the bottom. They have a texture that gives the look of feathers or carved wood.
Grainger McKoy has created a jewelry brand that uses inspiration from nature, specifically wood elements and birds, to create unique pieces. Grainger McKoy is first and foremost a sculpture who began carving birds from wood in his home state of South Carolina. His love of local wildlife and nature, along with his BS degree in biology, prepared him for his future in designing creations based on things found in nature. He has since expanding his collection to include many jewelry pieces in his unique style.
These beautiful Grainger McKoy Heart earrings coordinate well with the Heart Pin and Pendant. The post on the earring is found at the v-shaped point at the bottom. This gives a unique look where the heart almost floats on the earlobe. This beautifully shaped earring is lightweight but substantial enough to be noticed, even when worn with other pieces. These earrings can be worn everyday with casual clothing. They also lend an understated elegance to a dressier outfit for a celebration or special night out.


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