Hamilton Watch Broadway

This Hamilton Broadway watch has more to it than the average watch, as not only does it look handsome, but it also displays the date and time for easy reading. The smooth and well crafted silver band is classic, but the face of the watch is modern and unique. The maroon color behind the clock with its silver details is elegant, and the stripe of blue down the center adds to the overall classy appearance. It is a bold, and yet sophisticated piece, and one a man won't mind wearing every day.
Hamilton first got its start in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1892. The brand has been thriving since then, putting out its first pocket watches in 1912. It has had success because it is about quality and making products that people feel good about using. The brand has evolved through the years, but it has always remained a quality brand that makes classy pieces. All of the watches from this brand look expensive and handsome, and they each have a different design to them. They are not simple and plain by any means, but some of the watches are colorful and bold, while the others are a bit less complicated and more elegant. Each of the watches is a quality piece that has been made with a handsome design and is something anyone would feel proud to wear.


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