How to look really cool

James Dean was the epitome of coolness, but he didn’t have the monopoly on it. You, too, can look cool without even appearing that you’re trying. Here are some tips. Wear an all-black wardrobe at one point in your life. Then lean on a white fence or wall and you’ll look stunningly like in a black-and-white portrait. Coif the hair. Put some gel and give it a swagger look. Wear an off-looking outfit like a tweed jacket with an attitude. You have to show that you can carry the oddity and still come up chic. You can also do this with a watch. For instance, wear a Breitling Navitimer in a suit. Although the timepiece looks complex, its black tones can match a formal wear. Complement it with a really piercing stare and you’re off to being the next James Dean.
Breitling is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.


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