How to make an irresistible engagement speech

Are you planning to pop the question soon? Don’t forget the most important part when asking for her approval. No, it’s not the ring (although an A. Jaffe will help), but your speech. The most memorable engagement scenes are those crafted by words, not by material things. We can’t teach you the best speech for your big day; only guide you on how to put a little magic into your words. First, use her full name to open the speech. That should jolt her a bit.  But follow it up with her nick name or whatever you two use. Second, recall the first time you met her to put nostalgia in the air. Third, and this is the most critical part, tell her specifics; how you’ve found her attractive and knew she’s the one. Mention her hair, her eyes, her traits, her curves if you must. Oh, and don’t forget to ask the question at, and we mean only at, the last part.
A. Jaffe is available in Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.


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