John Hardy Women's Brushed Saddle Ring

This saddle ring by John Hardy has a unique appearance. It is made of high quality materials, and the texture on top of the ring gives it an interesting look. This is a statement piece, as it is stronger and bolder than most rings, and one that any girl will feel proud to wear because it is so bold while being a small item. This ring is elegant, as well, and it is made with materials that help to make it look at its best and last a lifetime.

John Hardy first got its start as a brand in Bali in the year 1975. The brand was made so that the founder could dedicate himself to hand crafted jewelry and doing things right. He wanted to make the brand set apart from the others that were out there, so he made sure that he created one of a kind pieces every time. The brand is about so much more than just rings for women, but it sells items for both men and women. From classy looking cufflinks for men to necklaces and bracelets with unique designs, and all made from the highest quality materials, this is a brand that has gained popularity quickly. It has become one of the brands that people can count on when they want to pick up a piece of jewelry that is quality.


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