Kirk Kara Dahlia Diamond and Gold Engagement Ring

Searching for that special engagement ring that says it all? Kirk Kara's Dahlia Diamond and Gold engagement ring will stir only the warmest reactions. With petals inspired by real flowers, the 1 carat diamond at the center is surrounded by smaller diamonds nestled within the petals. The milgrain edging adds style while the blending of the gold and silver metals adds sophistication. Both gentlemen and ladies will appreciate the many different designs this company has to offer. Collections are divided by personality. Choose from a variety of selections ranging anywhere from classy, poetic, whimsical, glamorous or even extraordinary. At Kirk Kara there is truly something for everyone.
Looking for something other than an engagement ring? The company also sells a variety of wedding bands. Buy a replacement for a lost ring or upgrade to something more suitable for a mature marriage. Choose from the most prized creations or go for something bold and make a statement.
Kirk Kara is an engagement ring company which originally began in 1890. Traditionally the business was passed from father to son but now the company is being run by two daughters. This unique feminine perspective has brought about a new approach to how each of these timeless pieces are crafted as well as how the company itself is run. The strive for perfection is evident in every creation. That is why Kirk Kara has been awarded the Jeweler's Choice Award consecutively for nearly a decade. Every bride wants to feel special and that's something Kirk Kara has always been able to provide through each of their unique ring collection.


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