Konstantino Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Single Charm Bracelet

Important parties or private dinners require a lot of thought and effort for an outfit that fits the mood. The best way to ensure such an outfit comes together well is through accessorizing with the right accessories. One such accessory that can be a great addition to your wardrobe can be the Konstantino Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Single Charm Bracelet.

This charm bracelet in particular is made for women as part of Konstantino's Pearl Classics Collection. From Greece, Konstantino had many amazing historic influences on which to base his jewelry creation, such as the Parthenon. His creation of the Pearl Classics, with other pieces such as the Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Hoop Earrings and the Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Round Ring, are a prime example of the knowledge, inspiration, and care that Konstantino uses in creating all of his jewelry pieces.

The Sterling Silver & 18K Gold Single Charm Bracelet comes in one standard size and has a cross charm with one pearl on each end, making four total, in the center. Since it is made with both sterling silver and 18K gold, this charm bracelet can be paired with almost any outfit for a stunning finish, along with other pieces from the Peal Classics Collection by Konstantino. The ringed design of the charm bracelet gives it a unique appearance that will stand out no matter the setting, making it a wonderful thing to wear to any event or to give as a gift for a special lady.


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