Lagos Gold Bangle

Bangles are an under rated type of jewelry that's made its way mainstream. The Lagos Covet Gold Bangle is made with 24k gold and boasts a luxurious minimalist design. It comes in medium size and has caviar beads to make it stand out more. It's a great accessory that goes well with any ensemble and event.
The Lagos Gold Bangle is light weight and comfortably sits on your arm. The thing that sets this Bangle apart from others is it's triple gold beaded design. The beads are woven together to look like diamonds in the light and are evenly spaced out to look good in every angle. It's made to go well with the Lagos Caviar Gold Beaded Ring. It has a 2mm width so you can slip it on quick and easily.

Lagos focuses on customer satisfaction and jewelry that lasts long through any fashion era. The main look they go for is that strong, independent and intelligent feeling. It was started in 1977 by Steven Lagos, a man who believes that jewelry has the most personal connecting feeling that any artform offers. Steven spends his time in Asia and Europe for inspiration, pulling in various sounds and sights to add to his work. 

His most notable and signature piece comes from his caviar collection. The designs from that collection showcase how much detail is put into their products. The whole process takes hours and more than hundreds of steps to make. Each caviar piece is hand drawn by Steven and brings together the sterling silver with the 18k gold, making the iconic look that people see today. Other collections from Lagos include Lagos Black and The Crest. Lagos Black is for people who are attracted to more darker colors and the Crest is for representation.


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