Living back in time

Wearing luxury timepieces go beyond keeping tab on time. It’s also wearing your style. And the Hamilton Timeless Classic collection has lots of it. The Thin-O-Matic for one can’t get any elegant and classic with the leather strap, a throwback to the uncomplicated style of the sixties. The slender thin casing is timeless, the linear lines gently envelope the timepiece without any flamboyance. It’s seriously straightforward, perfect for a guy who demands to-the-point discussions. The dial and numerals are in retro style, subtly entrenched under a scratch-resistant sapphire clear glass.  The Hamilton Thin-O-Matic is actually a replica of the original sixties model, but given a modern twist inside. Its features include water resistance up to 50 m, 42 MM and automatic movement. It is also engraved with a Hamilton heritage logo for posterity. 
Hamilton Watch is available at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.


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