Look Ma! No winding!

During the 1770s, a Swiss watchmaker named Abraham-Louis Perrelet developed the first self-winding mechanism for pocket watches. Working on the same principle as the pedometer, the mechanism was designed to wind itself while the wearer is in motion.  A 15-minute walk was required then to fully wind such watches to last for eight days. However, credit for the invention did not go to Perrelet as it was Hubert Sarton who drew the first accurate description of the watch for the French Academy of Sciences in 1778. Today, Breitling continues this legacy of creating fine self-winding watches in its Chronomat 41. This elegantly crafted watch makes use of the self-winding chronograph Manufacture Caliber 01 motor. Its lustrously designed case, which makes it a one-size fits all timepiece, comes in steel and rose gold. This watch is a fitting gift for men who want style and functionality. 
Come explore Breitling's Chronomat 41 at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.


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