Memoire Diamond Bouquets Four Prong Diamond Ring

Memoire began designing and marketing jewelry in the United States in 1986 when the French company Orest expanded. J. Douglas McDowell is the CEO of Memoire who is dedicated to raising the quality of diamond jewelry in the United States to a new level.

Memoire offers unique extruded mountings in eighteen karat gold or platinum. Platinum is an extremely pure metal. It is also hypo-allergenic for sensitive hands, and extremely strong. The engagement ring should be beautiful, but it must also hold up to daily wear and tear. A quality setting in an engagement ring is almost as important as the stone and Memoire knows that.

The four-prong diamond bouquets ring is a lovely example of the beautiful and ageless designs offered by Memoire. The total diamond weight is 1.2 ct. but the invisible setting of the diamonds creates the look of 3.5 ct. The outstanding craftsmanship of Memoire is showcased in this dazzling ring. Their rings are known for the purity of the metals and gems as well as the strength of the ring. An engagement ring is meant to be worn daily for years so it must be strong and stay brilliant for a lifetime. 


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