Memoire Diamond Bouquets Heart Ring

If you are ready to pop the question to that perfect someone in your life, then the Memoire diamond bouquets heart ring is an excellent option. It has a classic beauty, contains symbolic hearts, and has a visible beauty that any newly-engaged person will enjoy showing off.

Some of the best features of this gorgeous ring are:

• 18K White Gold: White gold is the most popular finish for gold right now. It has the beauty of silver with the strength and value of gold.

• 1ct Center Stone: This gorgeous center stone is small enough to be delicate, and large enough to be an elegant form of flashy.

• Heart Side Settings: To each side of the gorgeous center stone are clusters of smaller stones in the shape of a heart. This makes them multi-faceted to catch the light.

• Heart Molded Band: The band on this ring is created with a string of white gold hearts. The abundance of hearts makes it impossible to give this ring without illustrating your deep love.

The Memoire Diamond Bouquets Heart Ring is a very popular choice for engagement rings right now, and it can be the perfect way to seal the deal for you and your beloved as well. 


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