Mikimoto Honeycomb Necklace

Kokichi Mikimoto was born in 1858 on Japan's Shima peninsula. He discovered the beauty of pearls at an early age and realized how they often lacked symmetry and had other imperfections.  Realizing that oysters created pearls when particles of sand or other similar tiny particle entered the oyster's shell, he created a way to induce pearl production in oysters artificially. His ground breaking idea was to introduce a foreign, yet benign, substance into oysters, that coerced them create pearls.

After years of struggling with natural disasters and many failures, Mikimoto finally succeeding in creating near perfect pearls crediting him with being the founding father of cultured pearls. Mikimoto discovered that Akoya oysters made the most beautiful cultured pearls. He farmed Akoya oysters from Ojima Island renaming it "Oyster Island" and opened his first shop in 1899 in a fashionable area in downtown Tokyo.

Today, Mikimoto is the gold standard of the world's finest cultured pearls and are the most sought after cultured pearls in the world. Worn by royalty, celebrities and others who adore the breathtaking beauty of Mikimoto pearls, the business has thrived for over a century. A luxurious and beautiful statement, any necklace created by Mikimoto's successors in the business are coveted by chic women everywhere.

Here, the Honeycomb necklace continues Mikimoto's legacy of fine luxurious pearl necklaces. Created with 7.5 by 7 mm white Akoya pearls, this necklace has 18K gold hexagonal accents throughout the design. Accented with a total of nearly 3 carats of diamonds, these necklace makes a bold beautiful statement of luxury, and refined style.


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