Passion for style

Since childhood, Marco Moore had been avid fan of fashion, taste and sophistication. This burning passion had pushed Marco to begin an early venture into the highly-demanding fashion world, where he initially designed women’s clothes at the very young age of 17. Marco Moore’s devotion pushed him launch his very own line of jewelry, where every elegant piece is made by hand, where collections are in limited edition and even numbered individually to preserve its singularity and distinctness. Take for instance, Marco Moore’s Pink Amethyst and Diamond Ring, a 14 karat rose gold pink diamond, champagne diamond, and amethyst ring that showcase a faceted 12.26 karat pink amethyst whose brilliance and elegance simply elicit no comparison. To further ensure its incomparable beauty, it also has more than 80 round brilliant cut champagne diamonds and round brilliant cut diamonds.
Marco Moore is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center and Carry Town.


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