Second date rules

First dates are exciting and full of expectations. But second dates are a little harder. After the first impression, how do you compose yourself the second time around without boring him? If you wore a casual, more conservative dress on the first date, you should surprise him on the second meet-up with a little sexier dress. That should keep him even more interested. Dish out more about your life but not too much. Keep the most intimate secrets for the latter dates. A little bit about your likes and dislikes will give you more color and character. You can also touch him more teasingly on the second date. That and the dress should make him go crazy for a third date. If you find him interesting for long-term relationship, don’t get physical at once. Do all these tips a little more on the succeeding dates and don’t be surprised if one day he shows up with a Hearts On Fire ring for you know who.
Hearts On Fire is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.


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