Shambhala Pair

If you are one for edgy designs that are statement pieces, Metalsmiths Sterling is the brand to choose. Metalsmiths Sterling offers a wide array of modern design selections that are all handcrafted. Plus, they are available at prices that could fit your budget. One new addition to the already many designs form the company is the Red and White Shambhala Sparkling Necklace. This new addition sports an eye-catching red and clear crystal bedecked spheres along sterling silver. This goes well with the same themed Shambhala Sparkling Bracelet with the same spheres dangling a link bracelet. This pairing could easily be a great statement piece that you could wear in both casual and formal events. 
See what look can you achieve using Metalsmiths Sterling pieces. Metalsmiths Sterling pieces are available at Visit Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive. 


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