She Will Say Yes to This Kirk Kara Treasure!

Buying just the right engagement ring is always a momentous decision, but if you are searching for something that will speak directly to your intended’s heart and stand apart from any other possibility, the Kirk Kara Charlotte sapphire and diamond engagement ring is a stellar choice.

It is a product of the Kirk Kara house of design, a family-owned business that has been crafting breathtaking jewelry since 1890. Kirk Kara began learning the craft of jewelry making in 1965, when he was still a teenager in high school, and the technology and automation that we enjoy today weren’t yet dreamed of. He learned the craft from beginning to end, from hand-drawn designs, to the selection of just the right stones, to carving and setting them and engraving, all done by hand. Kirk Kara’s Angelique ring, intended for wearing on the right hand, was inspired by his mother, whose name, of course, was Angelique. From his earliest experiences in design, he has said, he had always envisioned the Angelique line in her honor.

Kirk Kara is also well known for his use of gem stones of varying colors, in addition to just diamonds. His feeling has always been that nature’s own color choices could reflect a woman’s personality, and their selection made the choice of a particular piece that much more meaningful. The Charlotte collection, and in particular, the Charlotte sapphire and diamond engagement ring is no exception.

It lacks nothing in appeal, with 1/3 cwt of diamonds, offset by 2 brilliant sapphires and enhanced by milgrain edging and hand-carved scroll work. You may also select the optional one carat round diamond.


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