Slane Column Collection

One of the recognizable signatures of Slane is its bracelet line: columns of 925 sterling silver. They are elegant and complement both light and dark formal evening dresses. They can be wide as the Slane Column large bracelet at 60 mm width, or thin as the Slane Column narrow bracelet at 11 mm. You can also choose an in-between medium width at 32 mm. The wider bracelets are ideal if you're baring your entire arm's length to highlight its graceful line, while the narrow bracelet is perfect if parts of your arms are behind the dress. The Column Collection also features a set of pearl-shaped earrings and a pair of beaded hoop earrings. The pearl-shaped complements a rounder face, while the round hoop fits a more oval, thinner facial figure.
Slane is available at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive.


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