Timeless Classic

A timepiece doesn’t only tell you time. It tells a lot about your taste. Are you the outdoor-going type? Or you prefer the quiet of indoors? Do you demand luxury or you opt for function first? If you prefer an enduring style, then the Hamilton Timeless Classic collection is for you. It features distinct early American fashion combined with the accuracy of Swiss movement. The Spirit of Liberty is reminiscent of turn-of-the-century New York, an age of European migration that propelled America’s great leap to innovation. The Boulton Quartz features the elegance of the twenties inspired by the decade’s experimental exploration of shapes and styles. Meantime, the Railroad Auto Chrono throws us back to the golden era of trains, when people relied much on their timepieces to keep tab of arrivals and departures. The Hamilton Timeless Classic line truly captures time in elegance. Hamilton Watch is available at Schwarzschild's in Short Pump Town Center.


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