Baume & Mercier: Timeless Perfection

The roots of Swiss watches can be traced back to the 16th century, when goldsmiths and other artisans were constrained to creating accessories that adhered to the prohibition of wearing gemstones in public. The growth in the popularity of the new craft led to the establishment of the Watchmakers’ Guild of Geneva in 1601. The popularity of watchmaking forced artisans to settle elsewhere to avoid the already saturated Geneva market. Swiss watches, then already known for their excellent quality, further increased demand. 

In 1830, brothers Louis-Victor and Joseph-Celestin Baume established the watchmaking company, Frères Baume. The brothers’ strictly adhered to the motto: “Accept only perfection. Only manufacture watches of the highest quality.” 

Today, Baume and Mercier continues this tradition, steadily making creations that comply with its commitment to providing excellent and affordable luxury watches. Its Clifton Collection showcases classic timepieces that reflect hundreds of years of excellent craftsmanship. These are no ordinary Swiss watches, they’re Baume and Mercier timepieces.


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