True artists

You've probably heard by now of Slane's decision to shut down its wholesale division early this year. According to Landon Slane, one of the two sisters who founded the jewelry signature, the industry's frenetic pace compelled them to discontinue the wholesale business. However, she clarified that Slane is still available online and through partnerships with select retailers. If you're a Slane lover, this is good news. For one, it shows that the Slane sisters' true passion is not just to sell more, but to have more time to the actual creation of the jewelry styles and less on running the business. "It's not positive for anyone, and it feels disposable and not special or precious," Landon Slane said, referring to the challenge of producing an assembly line of Slane pieces just to meet market demand. She wanted to revert to her and her sister's original idea, that of producing special and precious jewelry pieces, with more time on the drawing board and less in a board meeting.
Slane is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.


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