Tweaking timeless elegance

Engagement and wedding rings are timeless and classic, but sometimes you just want them in a different style for a change. At A. Jaffe they created a teasingly novel design that is both sensual and traditional. The solitaire round diamond suggests all that is timeless about this A. Jaffe engagement ring. But the prong and the manner the stone is set are clearly contemporary. The band is hardly the usual among engagement and wedding rings. It is twisting and slender, almost reminiscent of the coiling branches of a smoothened bark. In a step away from tradition, the band exhibits minute diamonds to accent the luxury of this ring. Of course, the single diamond is still the star of the ring, but we cannot hide the fact that A. Jaffe has created a rightful challenge to classic styled diamond rings. A Jaffe is available in Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.


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